Gremo na jedan veli, veli brod

A short comic I started during The Colony of Authors, Comics and Illustrations of Kvarner in Rijeka, which was made as part of a workshop called "Migrations - hommage to Dragutin Trumbetaš" organized by Galženica Gallery in October of 2021. The text in Croatian is adapted from the book "MERIKA – Iseljavanje iz Srednje Europe u Ameriku 1880.-1914." by the author Ervin Dubrović, which details accounts of Croatian immigrants to America around the First World War.

It is important to recognize that migrations have happened all throughout our history and that people migrate for many different reasons. Specifically, the people in Croatia (where I'm from) have migrated many times during the past couple of centuries for various reasons – war, famine, disease, poverty. This is why it hurts that today many of those same people are not recognizing the struggle of migrants from Africa and Asia to Europe, and are not welcoming to them at all. In hopes this will soon change, I would like to invite you, my patient reader, to donate to the cause or help in any way you can, to make it easier for migrants in difficult positions to get the things they need right now. One way to help is to donate to Donate4Refugees, an organisation which provides the lifelines of shelter, warmth, food, activities, human rights and more to many of the world’s most vulnerable people. You can do so at this website:

Thank you kindly for reading through.